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Looking to do Zoom teeth whitening in Orlando?

Have you always dreamed of healthier, brighter looking teeth? Reid Dentistry provides premium teeth whitening in Orlando can help provide you with a winning smile that will dazzle your friends and boost your self-confidence.Philips Zoom is America’s undisputed number one favorite when it comes to professional teeth whitening treatments in Orlando, with over 10 million satisfied customers across the nation. The revolutionary Zoom Whitening System is 100% safe, 100% effective and is incredibly quick to perform. In little over an hour, you can transform your teeth from dull to dazzling white. In the modern world, we don’t all have the time to spend on lengthy treatments which aren’t guaranteed to work. For those looking for immediate teeth whitening results, Zoom from Philips comes highly recommended – It is the ultimate whitening choice for busy individuals.

Work with the top Zoom teeth whitening Orlando dentist today!

The Zoom teeth whitening procedure couldn’t be simpler. Firstly, the patient’s lips and gums are isolated in a quick, easy and comfortable manner. The dentist then applies the patented Zoom Whitening Gel, which is then activated by a purpose-designed light, followed by a fluoride treatment which lasts all of five minutes – completing the procedure in no time at all. Results can vary, although teeth are guaranteed to become between six to ten shades lighter at the very least. In most cases, whiteness continues to improve in the days following the procedure.Developed after years of research, Zoom light activated gel is premier Orlando teeth whitening treatment. Zoom is scientifically formulated to leave you with a sparkling smile for years to come.